The bottom line


At Scott Electrokrafts, we understand the importance of a deadline and we provide the flexibility needed to respond to schedule and design changes. Experience has demanded that we not only maintain competitive pricing, and on-schedule deliveries, but also a flexible relationship.

We always welcome customer visits to our production floor to evaluate and/or ask questions about your order. We offer the flexibility to handle design changes and can provide “as built” drawing markups for future formal implementation. We will always work very closely with you to assure that you receive the product you want.

What our dedication to customer service means to you…

  • A Customer Service staff that truly cares about your order
  • Proactive communication to head off potential delivery delays
  • Design for manufacturability reviews provided at no cost
  • Rapid ECR implementation
  • Quick-turn material analysis and procurement
  • Part obsolescence tracking and replacement
  • Fully-automated/electronic documentation system
  • Supply Chain Management

The bottom line… we understand that customer service is the most important part of our business.


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